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Q. How do I send a case to Sharp Dental Lab?

A. We utilize FedEx for shipping from customers outside of the Detroit
    Metropolitan Market. We utilize Royal Transportation in our local delivery area.



Q. Is it possible to have a case delivered to me earlier than your regular schedule?

A. Yes we can rush your case through the Lab (an additional charge may apply depending
     on how quickly you  need the case, please call us at (866) 525-1070 before shipping).



Q. We have an esthetically challenging case for one of our patients, do you do diagnostic waxups?

A. Yes we do diagnostic waxups.


Q. Is there a technique for fabricating a crown under a partial that allows the patient to keep the partial?

A. Yes there is, please call us at (866) 525-1070 for instructions on the "Ramitec" technique.


Q. Do you fabricate customized implant abutments and crowns?

A. Yes, we can handle virtually any implant case your practice may need.


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